Photo of the restored fountain and the finished pavillion.


The Kilbon Memorial Fountain

It was a proud moment for the people of Lee in the spring of 2019 when the beautifully restored Kilbon Memorial Fountain was rededicated. Less visible, but also important, was the collaborative effort behind the restoration. Leading the way, Berkshire Gateway Preservation (BGP) got enthusiastic support from the Town of Lee, the Lee Chamber of Commerce, the Lee Historical Society, the Lee Historical Commission, Housatonic Heritage and Tower Stone. The people of Lee responded, too, as they dug deeply into their pockets to provide the financial help needed. Great communities work together.

An Elegant Pavilion in the Park

Another collaborative effort is the simple but elegant pavilion in the park, allowing us to fill our wonderful leafy hills with the sound of music. This structure is owned by BGP and it will be used for other events such as the Farmer’s Market and fairs or just for lolling in the shade on a sunny day. Again we must thank many local businesses and individuals who have stepped up to the plate to contribute toward the construction. Many businesses have donate their time or even time and materials to make this happen. We are grateful for Corey Heath and the Lee High School Carpentry program whose students put up the pavilion!